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Songs from each album you wish would have been singles

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This is my first ever topic on here so I hope it goes well...also sorry if this has been posted 100 other times...I just like to see everyone's opinions and these are fun



Here's mine 

1. Thinkin' About You :carpoolney: It's a crime how underrated this song is...

2. What U See (Is What You Get) :foh:

3. Cinderella :yay: Imagine a music video for this song

4. Touch of my Hand & Breathe On Me :feelingmyself:

5. Hot As Ice & Toy Soldier :makeitrain:

6. Unusual You & Mannequin :awww:

7. Don't Keep Me Waiting & Seal it With a Kiss:awkblink:

8. Brightest Morning Star & Passenger :awks: Sorry....

9. Love Me Down :chershade: (it's gonna be single 3 anyway) 


Hope this doesn't flop

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1. I Will Be There

2. What U See Is What U Get, DGKOMD

3. Cinderella & Lonely

4. Breathe On Me (although I think it would've flopped at the time)

5. Get Naked, Toy Soldier, Hot As Ice, Ooh Ooh Baby

6. Kill the Lights, Unusual You

7. Drop Dead Beautiful (i know we all hate it but it would've done great. Better than criminal or inside out)

8. None... maybe alien

9. LMD, JLM, Better, Liar, CYM


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What U See (Is What U Get) - single #4
Where Are You Now - single #5 as a territorial release in countries that wouldn't get DLMBTLTK


(I Got That) Boom Boom [remix] - single #4 instead of Outrageous
Breathe On Me - single #5

Toy Soldier - single #4

Unusual You - single #4 instead of Radar

(Drop Dead) Beautiful - single #4 instead of Criminal

It Should Be Easy - single #2 instead of Perfume
Til It's Gone - single #3

Love Me Down - single #2 instead of Slumber Party (I'd have SP as single #3)
Just Luv Me - single #4

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1. Autumn goodbye

2. Girl in the mirror / where are you now / can't make you love me

3. Cinderella / i run away / before the goodbye / what it's like to be me

4. Touch of my hand / shadow

5. Why should i be sad / heaven on hearth

6. Out from under / quicksand / mannequin

7. Inside out

8. Passenger / till it's gone / body ache

9. Liar / if im dancing / just luv me

*. And then we kiss

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1. thinkin about you! i totally agree- i love this song.

2. what you see is what you get. wouldve been huge. 

3. lonely. wouldve had a sick dance video.

4. early mornin, outrageous (wish the video had been completed etc)

5. heaven on earth OR radar - to complete the contract they clearly had so it wouldnt end up on circus

6. unusual you - wouldve been a beautiful video to round out womanizer/circus/ifyouseekamy era

7. how i roll 

8. till its gone (prob the only other hit on that album after work *****) or alien cause thats what britney wanted

9. literally all of them would be wonderful 3rd singles. whatever britney wants. 

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1.Deep In My Heart & I Will Be There

2.What U See 

3.Before The Goodbye

4.Touch Of My Hand

5.Get Naked

6.Kill The Lights & Shattered Glass

7.Up N' Down

8.Til' It's Gone

9.Liar :hipney:

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2 hours ago, Artsy Fartsy said:
  1. Soda Pop, The Beat Goes On
  3. Lonely, I Run Away
  4. The Hook Up, TOMH
  5. Toy Soldier, Get Naked, Freakshow
  6. Blur, Phonography, Unusual You, Kill the Lights
  7. Gasoline, Selfish
  8. Hold on Tight, Don't Cry
  9. Liar, Love Me Down, Just Luv Me

This. Especially Soda Pop!!!!!!:unbelievableney:


But I would pick the FF singles to be Trouble For Me and HATLM

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1 i will be there   :usher:

2 what u see / cant make you love me / dont go knockin on my door  :magicjohnson:

3  bombastic love / Cinderella / before the goodbye / i run away  :rihclap:

4 the hook up/ breathe on me / shadow  :otears:

* mona lisa / over to you now  :mhmsureny:

* and then we kiss  :janet:

5 hot as ice / get naked / freakshow / heaven on earth :NYsassy:

6 out from under/ kill the lights/  phonography :drinky:

7 gasoline/ seal it with a kiss / up n down / he about to lose me :thetea:

8 alien / tik tik boom / til its gone  :nyheadache:

9 love me down/ change your mind/ just luv me/ if i'm dancing  :nyschool:




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1. Thinkin' About You

2. What You See Is What You Get

3. Lonely

4. Breathe On Me (obviously) :thirsty:

5. And Then We Kiss (with a proper release and a music video)

6. Toy Soldier (but basically the whole album)

7. UNUSUAL YOU :mcry:

8. INSIDE OUT (I will never forgive this fanbase for choosing Criminal instead :brityeah:)

9. Alien (EDITED) :quirkney:

10. DYWCO, Better (there's still hope :jlostare:)

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