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Plz rate Slumber Party pretty high on the Rate The Music survey

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For those of you who have accounts: Slumber Party is on the ratethemusic.com top 40 survey. DO NOT give every song a crappy rating except Slumber Party.... your survey might get thrown out. I am pretty honest in these surveys, I gave Side to Side by Ariana pretty high ratings because I genuinely love the song. And of course I gave SP a high rating as well.

TLDR; don't make your survey look biased or fake as hell.


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2 hours ago, LostInAnImage said:

@Hamper Thanks for posting, I signed up weeks ago specifically to rate SP but then never saw it on there (pretty sure it was the exact same set of songs each week); so I probably wouldn't have bothered to check again this time. :kiss:

Yea, usually I get an e-mail when a new survey is out but I didn't get any e-mail this time. I had to manually log in and check. No prob :kiss:

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