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What Should Team Britney Do Differently in 2017??? Leave Your Suggestions


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  • Singles are where its at right now even if Britney doesn't have a album ready don't be afraid to drop a great single on iTunes just to keep her name out there and I know people will reference Pretty Girls but I said GREAT single.


  • Asking for a album a year might seem like a little much to some but I'm a Britney fan and I know shes capable of doing it I just hope RCA does allow her to do something like this.


  • With social media I think Britney could be a lot more interactive with her fans and showing us the process of how shes making her music kind of like Selena who constantly shares sound bites of her in the studio so fans can hear beats and things like that


  • Get RCA to stop being so damn cheap and put some money into Britneys singles on the radio
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Just now, telluwhat said:

Britney team should ask her to fire them immediately 

i wont ask for anything else in 2017 :staysalty:

Thats also a good suggestion I wouldn't have a problem with cause you know Britney would never fire them herself cause shes just too sweet

She definitely needs a team more aware of whats happening in the industry in 2017

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1 minute ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

She has to be featured on two big songs in 2017 if she doesn't want her next album to sell 50k ww in 1 year

the sad thing is Britney's recent singles flopped so hard that now no big name wants to collab with her :meltdown:

two bigs songs in one year by britney is not possible in 2017 :byebitch:

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7 minutes ago, Mario Posey said:

Thats also a good suggestion I wouldn't have a problem with cause you know Britney would never fire them herself cause shes just too sweet

She definitely needs a team more aware of whats happening in the industry in 2017

Yeah keep the ones who've been there since day one but Id definitely keep Karen Kwak! Add a couple more new people

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First of all, the positive.

A great album (even the "bad" songs are good in their own way) and a radiant, fit, **** Britney that hasn't seemed so into her music and career in a while. Whatever you're doing, keep doing it and I want her to keep challenging herself musically, performing, etc. Seeing her do all these festivals and award shows was like 2008 again! There were some bumps along the way but I don't think Britney wanted to scrap an ENTIRE video and rush a second one. 2017 take risks! go do a hook on a rapper's song or sing on a DJ's track. 

I hope you're getting tired of Vegas but I get you still have to promote it - mix in Glory with the show more. QUIT IT IN 2017 pls! Rehearse and there are parts in the show with a lot of standing, you can improvise and freestyle more girl! Your team needs to get with the times - Karen Kwak did great but you can still promote Vegas and an album at the same time. Cross promoting - like if you buy this perfume, you get a pre order of Glory included. First 100 seats get a copy of the album , commercials, etc. Does Tinashe promote SP? She could mix it into her songs, wouldn't hurt for more promo. Also exhale can stop being such a black hole and also help but thanks to those who do :) 

Release single 3 pretty quick. That wait between make me and slumber party was not good. Uptempo! Also don't understimate CYM - i really feel like that is something people will be surprised and love

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End the conservator ship u guys realize the man in charge of team britney is her dad jamie right. He makes all the decisions.  Britney has no control over the people who manage her at all and jaime has no idea how the biz works so he will probably never get rid of Larry and the rest of the team.


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Get a new management team.  There are successful music artists that have RCA so they are not the problem.    

Promo should be better planned. More tv performances where people can actually watch and see.. not festivals to where they aren't broadcasted on tv. 

Have britney completely in charge of her music 

she loved mood ring and well she didn't get to have it the way she wanted.... 

its only in Japan... it would have slayed as a debut single to kick off the

experimental album.... 

avoid Beyoncé incidents like the 2011 vmas and the 2016 vmas.... to have her perform after a medley was the dumbest idea.  

More Urban edgey pop (blackout). That's a real experimental different album. Britney was fully in control of that.  ANd we saw how amazing that album came to be.  To me it's her best. 

Have promo ready right before or afterwards to help the single.   Not have promo a weeks or a month after.  Like the make me incident... 

have radio deals for every damn single not just the first. 


Have more commericals on tv.... private show and Kevin bacon commercials I never saw once on tv... 

have her participate in cellphone commercials like Ariana grande did.... 

bring back her fiercer dancing.... the choreography she does is to easy and looks half assed and silly on her...

we know she can do much more complex fluid routines that suit her better. 

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She should fire her whole team! :begone: Professionalize her Instagram and personalize all her social media. :tiffdrink: Promote Glory, not Vegas. :weusay: Do some major interviews that talk about where she personally is now. :tiffanynod: Do a 20 year anniversary of BOMT and 10 year anniversary celebration for Blackout! :nynod: And HIRE A NEW TEAM and LEAVE RCA! :tiffeyeroll:

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1.Keep releasing singles no matter what they do on sales or charts 

2.Different hair style and little color changes

3.Different topics for interviews other than her children and how boring she actually is

4.Diction classes for Britney to speak well and use various words 


These are the most important things.Looking pretty,being hotter than ever or making good music won't make a difference for her.She has to bring something different again to the table after 18 years.


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