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Britney Album Concept: Resilience **MUST SEE**

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This is lengthy, but it's worth the read. I promise :brit:


Act I: Passion

1. Make Me...
2. Slumber Party
3. Breathe on Me
4. Just Luv Me
5. And Then We Kiss (Junkie XL Remix)
6. Unusual You

Act II: Heartbreak

7. Mood Ring
8. Shadow
9. Everytime
10. Blur
11. Touch of My Hand
12. Why Should I Be Sad

Act III: Resilience

13. Gimme More
14. Break the Ice
15. Get Naked (I Got a Plan)
16. Perfect Lover
17. Get Back


Passion (Act I) is all about Britney falling in love. She meets a guy she starts really liking (Make Me). She gets more playful (Slumber Party) and gets more ****** (Breathe on Me). Britney then wants the guy to love her and get serious with her (Just Luv Me). They eventually do fall in love (And Then We Kiss). Britney expresses how great this guy is and how unusual it is for him to be so amazing and dedicated to her (Unusual You). However, this is meant to be ironic and foreshadowing as the Honeymoon phase of the relationship ends.

Heartbreak (Act II) is about, well, heartbreak. Britney starts fighting with her love more and finds her emotions and relationship all over the place (Mood Ring). She notices things starting to change and her love getting more distant (Shadow). He leaves her (Everytime). The morning after the breakup, it doesn't feel real and Britney is trying figure out what happened (Blur). Britney gets lonely (Touch of My Hand). She starts getting over her love and figures it's time to stop moping around (Why Should I Be Sad).

Resilience (Act III) is about Britney becoming stronger than ever and essentially becoming a "bad *****." She returns confidently (Gimme More) and then starts teasing other guys, knowing how hot she is (Break the Ice). She hooks up with some guys (Get Naked, Perfect Lover), but doesn't want anything serious. Her newfound confidence and strength is stronger than ever, ordering any guy to get back if they can't handle her (Get Back). 

Extra Info:

While this album tells a story, it also is meant to flow cohesively. The album has an overall chill vibe, but each act is also meant to have it's own sound within that overall vibe as well. Act I has a happier, more upbeat vibe that gets more serious and slower at the end. Act II starts getting darker and sadder as the relationship ends, with things gradually picking up as Britney is recovering. Act III is meant to be a mix of the previous acts, upbeat but still dark, showing that Britney is stronger than ever, but she's no longer as innocent as she once was. 


Please let me know what you guys think :dorkney:

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11 minutes ago, 3isacharm said:

how are mood ring, TOMH, and Blur heart break songs? :huh:

Mood Ring was supposed to represent the problems and uncertainty starting to arise in the relationship. Blur is supposed to be about day after the breakup where it still doesn't feel real and like it didn't really happen. TOMH is after the breakup where Britney is loving herself because she doesn't have a lover anymore. It's not that they're supposed to be heartbreak songs, it's just supposed to represent the stage and state of mind Britney is in at the time in this story. 

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29 minutes ago, QuitmanDJ said:

I love this. It's so much fun to go through Britney's discography and create new things out of it. There's so much depth in her music that nobody really thinks about and she has a song for almost everything big you can think of. Good job BB!!! :staysalty:

Aw I love you, thank you for reading and responding :hugs: 

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1 hour ago, Slave4Brit88 said:

This is cool actually and damn that cd cover looks good


1 hour ago, prettylittleliar_2214 said:

You should do her next album and 20th anniversary stuff. Britney can definitely do a concept album.


1 hour ago, Kiiddy said:

This is really creative 

I love it! :clap: 


40 minutes ago, Electro World said:

Cute idea for a visual album! :giggleney:

aww thank you guys so much 


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