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Yahoo's Worst Videos of 2016


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5 hours ago, BoyToySoldier said:

Formation wasn't a bad video at all and this is coming from someone who can't stand Stolé. :wtfdidusay:

Formation was amazing. I think Bey is overrated, but formation was not.

5 hours ago, hibiscus.berry.TEA said:

What's a Yahoo though.

Seriously, nobody uses yahoo in any way anymore, so who cares about their opinion? :tiffsmoke:  (and why would that affect us, the video speaks for itself lol)


I use Yahoo. Every. Damn. Day. 

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MM was good... doesn't deserve to be a on a list like this. It's not amazing, but it has its moments. Britney looks hot - her hair, her makeup, her body, the outfits... The guys are hot... The old dude is embarrassing, the product placements are dumb and Britney hardly talks at the beginning which is weird but it's not that bad...

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