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Britney should add a Glory medley to POM

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1 hour ago, prettylittleliar_2214 said:

Piece of Glory coming in 2017. Invitation is seriously the perfect show opener. I would love to see her perform all of the songs. Private Show, WYN, LMD, If I'm Dancing,  Better, and Liar should all be added ASAP. 

I'm dying for performances of PS and WYN (with live vocals lol) and I'm still waiting on a Toy Soldier performance.

BTI is also a good choice to open a show with!

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4 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

She should also change the Radar interlude and put Overprotected. Or even better, they could use that interlude to play a different song every night, even from her non-singles.

There's a lot of little things they could do to improve the show if they were more creative, it makes me sad just to think about it :embarrassney:

That's such a cool idea!! :hype:

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