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Have you noticed the mock face she does in BBMA breakdown?

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It's so beautiful. I have noticed she does that in other concerts too. Sometimes in POM and even in the festivals. It's just so beautiful. I remember watching it live and when I saw it I whispered to myself "she's back you *************..."

It's right on the part where it seems that the breakdown it's over and she SMILES as if saying "IT'S NOT OVER YET!". Is it something that only I found adorable and sweet and incredible and primeney? 

Link below. (2:39, but I already put it to start right there).

Best thing 2016ney gave us, along with Glory.

Imagine something like it on VMAs with only Glory songs? I would be dead. (I love VMAs 2016 performance, but we could really use something as I described...).

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