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2 hours ago, The Genuine said:

20,000 daily views is not good !! and means that it won't get certified in 2017. Maybe in the middle of 2018.

The song is a BOP. it deserves at least 100,000 daily views !!!


It will get certified on January 8, 2018 at the rate it's going. 

If the B-Army comes together we can do it before then! 

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52 minutes ago, chaotic93 said:

I don't understand why you guys put so much effort in making these old videos VEVO certified. No one cares tbh, it's gone, the views are ok and they will naturally become VEVO certified, we should focus on streaming SP instead.

The more we reach 100 million views the more Britney's music videos will be suggested by YouTube. Nowadays, streaming rules the world. An artist with a decent streaming numbers gives good signals to the GP

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