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This blind item screams Sam and Brit

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"Isn’t it cute when people give each other nicknames? Well, this famous singer started dating a new guy this year. He has given her a little nickname.

His nickname for her is “J”. She heard him say that to someone else and she asked him what it meant. He told her that it stands for [part of her name], so she thought it was all cute and special. Except it wasn’t true.

He told his friends it’s actually “J” for “Jackpot.” He thinks he’s hit the lottery with her and if he plays his cards right, he is sure that he is going to be “Mr. Jackpot” and running her life in a year.

Girl, you in danger!"



Clues being play his cards...VEGAS. Also "J" could be from Jean in her name. "Running her life" as a nod to the c-ship? 


Always thought it seemed odd her with a 22 year old. Hoping she is just in it for fun and not planning on marriage. Even though if she has a kid wiith him like she wants she will end up paying him support. Stay smart girl ain't nobody trying to deal with another k-fed!

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Drake doesn't need J lo as his "Jackpot" and there is no way J lo would have her life run by a guy, LOL.


I can totally see Sam, who seems to be a conceited guy, pull some dumb line like "I'll call you J because it's your middle initial. To the world you're Britney but I see the real person behind it" yada yada some sort of BS that would make him seem sweet when he is really just an opportunist.

I didn't want to get on the Sam hate train but he looks like he is posing in all their photos together, HE posted the video of them on the instagram story in bed, and his ex said it seemed to fit his motives to date someone like Britney so she wasn't surprised. All seem sketch to me..

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