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Serious question..


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this question always comes to my mind... was britney cloned? or brainwashed? (MK ultra)

i'm not being sarcastic or anything i'm serious... to start with this after the 2007 incident she was handcuffed to the bed and hospitalized, i saw Shane dawson's latest conspiracy theory and he showed the pic. i NEVER knew she was handcuffed

in her song Monalisa she clearly said "she's been cloned" referring to herself. she lost the (britney) spark whatever they did to her after 2007 messed her up. she can't remember what her songs mean, she seems like a big part of her memories been removed, she thinks the line (it's britney *****) was created by will.i.am she doesn't know who kathy griffin is? also during FF she looked robotic (signs of Brainwashing)

also in shane's conspiracy he said that Kanye was hospitalized in the same hospital britney went in. she was literally smiling when they picked her up which kinda makes you think that she knows what's gonna happen



it's pretttttty scary and tbh i believe it. even if she wasn't cloned... she was brainwashed to death by MK ULTRA.


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What she probably means by "she's been cloned" is that other people are copying her. And stuff like getting picked up by a ambulance, forced out of your bathroom, dozens of paparazzi waiting outside all there to take a photo of you can really **** you up. 

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She WAS (thank God it doesn't seem to be the case anymore) a part of a HUGE HUGE business machine for making money. 

Britney was considered a PRODUCT by many. This, sadly, includes her family. I think there was a specific time in her life when her mom and dad realized that she is their daughter and she is firstly a human being and after that anything else. :sassybrit:

However up until late 2008 the media, other celebs, even hospitals and doctors made money out of rumors concerning her well-being. Once she was stable, her dad immediately rushed her into Circus to raise her image again, to make her popular in a "good way". But it was until FF when I feel like she said "I'm fed up. I don't want to be number 1, I don't want to be making hundreds of millions, I want to be a normal working girl" And then everything died out during BJ and Glory days. She seems happier and happier each day. She has reached a level of comfort she hasn't faced in many many years. 

I respect her decision to be in Vegas and probably stay in Vegas for some more time. I'm happy that she's happy and that she is not the same mainstream product she was. Not because I don't wish her success, but I just don't think she'll be happy if she's touring, having thousands of paparazzi surrounding her once again, etc. :britstare11:


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Guest StrawberryKisses

That picture is scary. That look in her eyes. That smile. The black hair.

It's not a "Don't worry, I'll be okay. Thank you for helping me" smile.

It's a "My mind is somewhere else. I don't feel like myself" smile.


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18 minutes ago, alexdaily said:

Omg I also saw that shane Dawson video and saw the pic! But the handcuffs are for safety reasons when people are confused or agitated to prevent they hurt themselves or someone else. 

There's a lot we don't know and the info we get is the ultra watered down version of the story.

yeah but still she looked completely fine ;( 

and she was hospitalized at the same hospital as kanye

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10 minutes ago, RATCHET❤ said:

it is about her, she wouldn't write "I'VE BEEN CLONED"  lol

the lyrics are "she's been cloned" and if i remember correctly she said that this song was about "all the legends" or something like that. and no she wasn't cloned lmao. there are allegations that she has bipolar disorder and she was having manic episodes that year

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she hasn't been cloned... No human has ever been cloned so far and the thing that B.O.B said when asked if he'd like to be cloned and he replied ''i'd rather not say'' was a publicity stunt thing.. celebrities have to create mysteries surrounding them in order to gain popularity and stuff.. that's just the way it is and it's not even a bad thing.. same thing with Tupac, people believe he's alive hiding somewhere.. he's obviously not. he was shot in Vegas at that boxing thing by some bad people.. 

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Cloning is too sci-fi but I think she's been on a massive medication for years. During the FF era she was too numb, she wasn't alright, obviously. And now she looks so energetic and so fit but there still is something that doesn't feel right. I think this is the result that they were aiming for with that medication. She is not how she is supposed to be, she is like she can do anything to look young and fit. She says being a mother is the reason for her fitness but she was a mother during FF too, so :quirkney: I think there is something else going on behind the curtain, a normal person with normal mental situation wouldn't do those plastic surgeries to herself while she had a beautiful face. I know I couldn't make myself clear but that's all I can do while preparing final exams for my students at university :usher: 

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