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Can someone explain something?

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Watch her dateline interview and for the record. Basically after the breakup with JT and her really busy schedule around ITZ she got really fed up with the industry and she met k-fed, after she hurt her knee in 2004 she went on hiatus for a while to start a family with k-fed. Britney began acting more rebellious from 04 to 06 and was put in some bad situations usually involving the paparazzi and her kids, including the infamous baby on lap and trips in the street. The media had become really obsessed with Britney and after she made some mistakes it got worse. In 07 she accounted for like 10% of tabloid sales or something. Then her and k-fed divorced, there was a custody battle, partying, probably some heavy drug usage, and all the while the paps were insane. Then she had a nervous breakdown or something and that's when the headshaving, car accidents, erratic behavior, relationships with paps, vma 2007, even heavier partying, loss of custody, multiple rehab stays, missed court dates, etc. And everytime something bad happened, the media and paparazzi got even worse, so in turn Britney got worse too. Finally the whole Sam lutfi thing happened and she was forcefully put into a psych ward in early 08, and allegedly attempted suicide. The courts then put her under the conservatorship which lasts till this day and Britney's long and difficult road to recovery began. 


I probably missed a lot and as its been said no one knows for certain the whole story except Britney. 

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