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Name her next album!

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10 minutes ago, jordeezy said:

She needs to name it after the first hit single from the album so that people will be aware that they know the song from it... it's a good marketing tool that she needs to finally use again.  Her 2 best selling albums were named after the first singles from them.  It's a smart move.  

I wish that would work again tbh

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Let Down 



1.poor promo

2.bad makep

3.halfassed choreography


5.i dont care 

6.bad managament

7.poor live performances

8.bad styling

9.no props

10.old choregography from vegas

11.poor album cover

12. Not releasing my second single flop party(bad single choice) remix as a standalone single

Bonus Tracks:

13. No radio deals

14. No real publicist

15.No (meghan trainor me too remix cover mashup)

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