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What was everyone's reaction?


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That's funny,

I just watched that again yesterday and was going to post something similar.

I thought it was an amazing tribute episode, and it was so cool my friends always hated Britney and when we were watching

he said something like it really makes you realise how talented Britney is because they are talented and sound terrible doing her songs.

I was so shocked to hear them say it but it is so true - that episode reminds you how legendary she is. No one can replicate what she did and how she did it.

The episode with the gimme more performance was really shitty of them though

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1 hour ago, BoyToySoldier said:

Britney really didn't need to do this. :nicki2:

It was a good move at the time to keep her relevant with the young generation.

I think her staying out there and doing side projects constantly has paid off and people don't view her as a desperate crypt-keeper with shitty music like we did with Madonna when we were young. Lol. :NYcackle:

Anyway, her hair on Glee bothered the **** out of me. :mj:

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