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Come and leave some nice comments about Britney and downvote the pressed Thiefonce stans here! (NME's albums of the year list)

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4 minutes ago, TheVirtuoso said:

I can't even be bothered for them. :queenriri:

I know, I usually ignore them but a lot of people are seeing this list and it really puts Britney in the bad light.

1 minute ago, Artsy Fartsy said:

"Glory was awful. Britney hasn't released a good album since the 2000s."


I doubt this people even listened to Glory :tiffeyeroll:

IKR. And "since the 2000s." LOL Those fake ***** had FF on repeat in 2011, you know it.

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NME is a complete joke to its original audience:kesha:

The very fact that Britney covered it and Taylor Swift won major awards confirm that.:staysalty:

The people dragging Britney are people that missed the good rock eras that ended in the mid 00s and think they're cool cos they like the garbage now like 1975, the same people that paid dust to Bowie, Prince, Motorhead and Leonard Cohen when they were alive and act like their biggest fans now. Fake ***** wanting to look cool when they look the opposite to anyone with a brain cell.:byebitch:

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