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I'm on holiday in New York and...

Guest Nick Jonas

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OMG! :idkney: the same happened to me yesterday, I was at the mall, I went to the movies and while I was waiting for the movie to start I went around the mall with (my future fuckbuddy) a friend and I stopped to see a jacket I liked and the song started to play after "All I want for xmas" by Mimi, I was like "That's Brinni ma girl" :hype: I asked the guy at the store if we knew who it was and he said he didn't know but I told him it was Britney and he said they always play it but he had no idea it was Britney.

Of course I told him she had a new album and single which are very good, you know, it's never too late to make some free promo to get that #1, when will Larry? :shameless:

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Pretty Girls gracing the ears of Times Square NYC? Dreams do come true!! :tiffanycries: :wendycry:

I'm literally shaking in profound devotion towards the Christmas Queen of NYC, so flawless and such an underrated bop!!:werk:









































Just kidding. Who the ***** brought this song back from the dead? It slays my pu$$y left and right, but why didn't they play Slumber Party or at least Make Me? :zoomzoom: 

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16 minutes ago, Tetris said:

It's honestly one of favourite things in...life. In the last couple weeks I've heard JLM at H&M and Till It's Gone at the grocery store. 

I heard JLM in H&M too! :queenriri: And Slayfume always graces the speakers at my local bookstore! :brit:

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