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If Pretty Girls

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48 minutes ago, Michaelgiftos said:

Do you think pretty girls would've done better if it was released in 2014 when Iggy was more popular with the GP. JLO did booty with her and it's not a good song like PG but it was a hit. I think it would've been. 

Thoughts? :slayney:

Booty was a flop


It peaked at #18 on hot100 due to the views it got on youtube and it dropped quickly


it was very low on itunes


Iggy was never really popular with the GP

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43 minutes ago, lustwecantcontrol said:

Booty is way worse than PG, I really don't get all the PG hate tbh I mean was it the best song ever certainly not, but it's far from bad.....I've heard way worse......I actually thinks it's a really fun song

It is fun, but is still bad. It sounds like if it was a Disney Channel scrapped song. :byebitch:

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