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Slumber Party added by 21 stations this week!


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2 minutes ago, Body ache said:

I'm on the fourth page and I just realized something. How do we know that we're requesting SP. Nowhere on that link shows SP anywhere. We could just be requesting a blank page tbh.

It was posted by a Britney fan site... I'm sure they've tested it before making the army waste their time :nyheadache:

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4 minutes ago, f_rhythm said:

Why do u think bullet is so low? N do u think we should be concerned? :mhm:

i quoted you in that other thread, it's because the last seven days were fully in December (freeze) while the 7 days before were in November. There's a difference of 46 spins between those two tweeks due to Christmas songs eating up its spins. It will be this way until we pass December 25th.

I need to study but I'll request first. 21 stations added, there's still hope if we show that there is demand for Sp. :boredney:


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