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Slumber Party is out of the hot 100

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of course those festivals were not gonna help

it's one thing to discover an artist when you see them live for the first time and then want to support them, but everybody knows Britney and feel like she doesn't need the support

she needs to perform on TV so people can actually know the song and have more visuals to appreciate it

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Literally all you see on here is people freaking out, worrying and being extremely negative.

Just relax. Britney is happy :)

People forget Britney was completely written off as to ever having a career again. To me it is wonderful that she had a top 3 and a top 2 album in 2016 in the biggest music markets and sold like 700k with MM.

She's still a big name and she's doing great in Vegas.

Not sure why it is so hard to be happy for her when this is the best time in her life.

She finally has the balance she wanted.

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3 hours ago, Rachel Green said:

I mean.. It's raising on the radio and streaming is ok as far as I know. iTunes sales are terrible though

Million of people already bought the album so they don't want to buy the song again on iTunes, even with Tinashe in it. :queenflopga2:

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