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Britney needs to upgrade her street style.

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Why does this matter you say?

As I mentioned before, this is easy free publicity. If poeple like her style, then bloggers and fashion people will be talking about her without having to do any promo. She could really use the paparazzi for her advantage. I mean all the candids from 2007 were pretty much the only promo she did for Blackout.

Now Britney has improved her fashion a lot this year



Its a a much better improvement from earlier in the year, as well as last year.



However, I think that she needs to up it. She needs to show poeple she still has it. This would be a good way to have her in the press and poeple talking without her doing really anything beside walking to her car or from meeting. 

I think she could take some styles from the Kardashians(Yes, I know that some of you may not like them but they have cute fashion.) In particular I'll be focusing on Kourt's style because she is a little more reserved and not as provocative as Kim and Khloe.



Miranda Kerr would also be really good, she is again somewhat reserved, however it may be too preppy for her.



Hilary Duff would also be a good choice. She dresses a little somewhat country, and Britney is a southern gal so I thought It would make sense.



Vanessa hudgens is also another girl with great street style.



Even when she goes to the gym/rehearsals, she could pull some looks.



It would be a total improvement from her usual ones


What do you guys think? I think her style could go up a bit, just to get some people talking and some hype around her. I mean Gaga herself used the paparazzi to advertise themselves. What do you guys think?

I know some of you will be nasty nancys and be like shut up, but i think this could be cute. Is there anyone you would like to see her have similar style to?


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