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Glory Era ~ 3 Pros / 3 Cons

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~ The album is her best album since ITZ/Blackout for me personally with only a few tracks I don't listen to any more.

~ Slumber Party MV is her best since Work ***** - 3 years of waiting but it finally came!

~ The UK promo trip was fun, especially as I live in the UK and Britney was freaking EVERYWHERE for a few days (not that it helped sales :gloria: )


~ Make Me music video fiasco.

~ Glory/Make Me/Slumber Party sales and streams being tragic. 

~ POM promo taking priority over Glory promo at every single turn. 



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- Amazing album, Britney had a lot of input and Glory was needed after the Britney Jean mess

- Britney's confidence and happiness, she looks so much more into it than FF and Britney Jean era

- Slumber Party music video



- Too much focus on Vegas residency when promoting, but maybe it's part of her contract, who knows? It would have been nice to see Britney perform more songs from Glory, instead of stronger/crazy/slave.

- Make Me release. They should have released Make Me when she did the BBMA's, and of course, the video fiasco.

- Too obvious lip syncing. I'm so glad she's putting herself out there again and performing, but pre-recorded vocals would have been good for the award shows/festival performances, the GP may have been more interested in this era. 


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- Britney looks very happy.

- Some of the songs in the album are really good.


- The majority of the songs in the album are waaaay to chill/slow for Britney who doesn't sing live, which are of course hard to dance to and make the lipsyncing so unnecesary.

- The whole promo was for POM, the performances, the interviews, etc. Glory just came up now and then.

- Britney really paid dust to all of her Latin American fans which are a huge market for her and always giver her #1's. I don't know what's going to happen if she wants to tour in the future.

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the album; all the songs are beyond great
slumber party mv
that shes doing performances outside of vegas
bonus pro: the fact that she mentioned the c-ship in that interview, even though it got cut it was exciting 

POM promo being focal over glory promo
make me mv 
the release date of singles being far between
bonus con: adding yet another feature to her second single, particularly another lower echelon artist 

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One of her best albums

Slumber Party music video

Energy, passion and involvement by Britney


David LaChapelle aka Make Me's mv mess

Horrible public exposition of Glory; bad cover, bad visuals, non creative/artistic and cheap performances.

Putting POM above Glory (as usual) 

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-The music. Glory is one of her best albums.

- VMA 2016. Britney performed to the stage and it wasn't a disaster.

- The interviews. She sounded aware and engaged. When people brought up stuff that she posted on social media, Britney knew what they were talking about because SHE posted it.lol There are other things she said and did during interviews that just made me soooooo happy to be her stan.



- RCA. They aren't securing her radio success even though Britney is performing at these radio events! They didn't give Glory a safer release date. They wouldn't release the original Make Me video. They keep adding features to her songs as if they are more concerned about using Britney to bring acknowledgement to up n coming artists. They are also responsible for that screenshot album cover.

100% Lipsyching.   There are so many ways to manipulate a live performance while singing into a live microphone. Her lipsyching 100% of the time is just laziness or ignorance to modern technology.  Either way, STOP THE LIPSYNCHING!

- The Conservatorship. In a year, it will be about 10 years since Britney has been under this conservatorship. She is not allowed to talk about it during interviews and her Instagram is filled with sad/hopeful ambiguous messages/ pictures that elude to her being a prisoner.  I hope she's paying special attention to Kanye's current situation (I'm not though.lol). But maybe it spark something.

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- Glory was her best and most cohesive album since BO

- More promo/performances

- Britney finally found her love and passion for music also it appears to be the happiest shes been in a while. She finally found balance in her life :crying1:


- Promo was used for Vegas

- Make Me mess

- As much as I love the album, my only issue with it is the fact it sounds too much like whats already in the charts, I know Britney is a pop artist but most of her albums included a sound which wasnt really in the charts at the time, I feel like her team have tried so hard to make her relevant again by using new artists(G-Eazy, Tinashe) and current top 40 chart trends. I hope for B10 Britney takes full control.

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- One of her best albums in years, i really really like it and think i might prefer it over Blackout (as good as Blackout is). I'm glad Britney was able to have her say in the making of this and she had so much creative control, it really shows. There's only 3 songs on the album i don't really like (Private Show/What You Need/Coupure Electrique). I love all the other songs and how she experimented with so many genres on the album, from R&B, trap, reggae, pop, EDM, acoustic, Latin etc.

- Promo - considering how lackluster the Britney Jean era was, i'm so glad Britney is doing quite a lot of promo for this show outside of the POM shows. From carpool karaoke, to the Jonathon Ross interview, and the numerous festival appearances she has done. It's quite incredible really as after Perfume was released Britney just focused on POM and didn't bother promoting Britney Jean or Perfume itself. 

- Britney looks generally happy this era, and her dancing and energy on stage have improved so much since the first POM show. She was fierce on her promo performances as well. Her personality shone on the Jonathon Ross interview and was one of her best interviews in years, i'm glad she's feeling more confident to be vocal about some things as well. She has also looked great this era, we've had so many beautiful looks from her.


- The Make Me video controversy, i'm annoyed we didn't get the original video but i'm still thankful for the video we got, and i swear i felt like leaving this forum when i saw the meltdowns the day the video premiered, it was crazy. Especially the ones who threatened to cancel their Glory pre orders because of the video, would you really do that over one music video, that was only 3 minutes long??? I would however like an explanation for the scrapping of the original video but i feel like we aren't entitled to that unfortunately.  Either way i don't like David Lapchelle anymore lol.

- Sales haven't been great, i am so happy the album got to #2 in the UK but it didn't stay at #2 for very long and the sales were quite lackluster overall. Also i am disappointed her team chose to release the album in a highly competitive week and deprive her of having another #1 album in the US. I am also disappointed that Make Me didn't do well and that Slumber Party is currently flopping, i feel like radio here in the UK hasn't been behind her much as well.

- The whole 2nd single thing imo was a bit messy. They took too long to release it, i understand they wanted the single out closer to Britney's December festival appearances but had they released the 2nd single earlier that could have been the 3rd single she was promoting now. I am annoyed they replaced the original version of Slumber Party on iTunes/Spotify/whatever with the single version on Glory, when they should have just released it as a separate single on its own with its own artwork. I've never seen a team do something as stupid as that tbh. I also still think releasing Slumber Party as the 2nd single was a big risk when i felt like a safer option would have been something more uptempo such as DYWCO. Don't get me wrong, Slumber Party has the potential to smash but i don't think Britney releasing a midtempo as a lead single and then another midtempo as the 2nd single worked imo. 

(BONUS CON: I am also disappointed she isn't performing very many Glory songs on POM, i always felt like the show should be promoting her latest album rather than just her greatest hits)

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