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What are your favorite parts of Glory?

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These are not specific songs, but certain parts or aspects of songs that are your favorite part of the album when you listen to it. Here are a few of mine:

  • Invitation: "Yes or no, but no maybes. Not gonna beg so don't make me."
  • Do You Wanna Come Over: The vocals. They're very flirty and her classic Britney **** voice. Reminds me of ITZ vocals.
  • Better: The end of the chorus (the instrumental part)
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Liar: Last Chorus which sounds like a choir.
Love Me Down: I'm living for that "Oooh Woah, wooooah (my baby go n' love me down)"
Private Show: Falsetto Bridge "Oooh, oooh, Baby, baby" (and ofc the high note in the end of it)
Hard to Forget Ya: pre-chorus "Since I tasted..."
Better: the instrumental and the bridge "So good, so good, so damn, so good, so damn, so good, so right, so good"

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Mood Ring: "Look in the mirror. Who do I see? Who do I wanna be today? If you came for a show, Which role should I take? Think I've been here before, I've turned some hearts into stone and I can't hide it no more"

MOTM: "Drinking alone in my party dress, would you come back if I looked my best?"

Love me down: "You say we don't talk anymore but I'm thinking we talk too much"

Better: "Better open up cause it feels much better, when we open up for each other"

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