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Slumber party and Glory thoughts

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So I have gone off the exhale radar for several months since the album release. I knew this would be months of consistently being disappointed in album sales/make me chart position. 

During this time I have continued to enjoy all new music including a run through of the new Britney album about 1x a week.



My conclusions: 


1. Glory is simply her best album since In the Zone. Blackout is amazing as well but it sadly did not receive the kind of promotion that's Glory has. For the first time since ITZ I personally believe Britney is completely back in terms of mental competence and desire to promote her material which makes Glory a better album to me then Blackout.

2. Britney showed her dedication to the album by releasing "Make me" as the lead single AND promoting it. She specifically didn't not choose a club banger that would likely chart higher because she wanted It to be clear that this was her project and she was going to do it her way. At 35 it is no longer about the charts (she has already achieved enough that if she stopped making music now she would stillness be considered all time great). She liked the song and therefore it was a single. BTW I love the song too. 

3. Looking at radio airplay and current Most-Requested live trend, Slumber Party actually does have a chance of being a large hit over time. Once again she chose the single that she wanted and that the fans wanted. THe music video is a hit (far superior to MM) and once again she is promoting her music at events such as JIngle Ball. 

4. As a Britney fan it is truly the best to see her finally be back to normal and at least to my eyes (what do I know) she genuinely appears happy again which is all I care about. 

5. I expect at least 1 more single from the album, possibly more depending on how "Slumber Party does". It is encouraging to see that she is already at work on her next album which means we will once again be gifted with more material to add to our music lineup for us to enjoy for decades. At this point (most artist don't get to 10 albums) any material is a gift that we should charish. Other fan bases wish that their artist would ever release another album. 

6. Stream and Request Slumber party! The radio needs to see support for them to support her on radio. This is not the first time that Britney's has struggled with radio (2002-2007). Slave, ME against the music, Overprotected, etc all did not have major radio support (however fans didn't not care cause albums were still selling then - different market now)

7. Merry CHRistmas everyone! 

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6 hours ago, Artsy Fartsy said:

I remember reading somewhere her favorite songs from Glory were Mood Ring and !!!!!LIAR!!!! tho 

I am still waiting for that single release! :beyfedup:

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