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Britney Stan Dragging Christina Aguilera

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True Tea on Floptuna

Britney left her in the dust, but the question is will Britney stay ahead or will Floptuna rise from the ashes and have a hit song or album?


Christina Aguilera's Billboard chart history VS. Britney Spears' Billboard chart history below:

Let's not forget Slumber Party hit the BB Hot 100 as well.


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Just now, Jayney said:

Why **** about other celebs when britney's career is in danger?:staysalty:

In danger of what? Don't pretend that Britney want's to be overtly famous. Floptuna can't even crank out a tour at this point, or a solo hit single in how long?

Black Chyna is more relevant than Christina.


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11 minutes ago, Artsy Fartsy said:

she had a huge oppotunity to be relevant again on the Bionic era, but she messed up.

Um, that was out of her control. Bionic is a great album, but it was far ahead of it's time, should have been released a year later.

Not to mention the Lady Gaga image comparisons that totally hurt her in the end.

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