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My experience seeing Britney at the Jingle Ball LA Concert

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Hey Ya'll!

So first of all, Britney did amazing. The IG videos did not do her justice, you have to see her in person, the performances look much better. It was my first time seeing Britney live so I feel like I already forgot most of it because I was soo hyped up and nervous lol. But here's what I remember, the crowd went crazy when she did her old hits Womanizer, Toxic, Stronger, Crazy. On a negative note, the crowd was dead when she did DYWCO, Make Me, and Slumber Party.  Like it was so awkward when she asked the audience "Do You Wanna Come Over???!!!!?" because she pretty much got no response, it was like dead silent. I was the only one who was like "YASSS ***** I WANNA COME OVER" (I got so many stares during her setlist lol). In Make Me, she cut out G-Eazy's part and ended it at the second chorus so it was short-ish. No one noticed that Tinashe was even there lol, I was the only one who noticed in my section because I noticed that I heard her part sounded "live" compared to Britney haha. The crowd was the most silent for DYWCO and Slumber Party, I don't think they did well whatsoever with the audience. It was sad because I was hearing so many conversations around me instead of them cheering her on. Idk why people were complaining about her dancing because she did not stop moving at all during her setlist, she was on fire! Although the last chorus of SP, she did seem a bit stiff to be fair. After seeing her live, I do think she should do something about the lip syncing. Her audio sounded SOOOO low compared to the other artists who sang live, like I could literally have a convo with someone next to me and not have to whisper. It was kinda bad, but as a stan you best believe I was enjoying my *** off regardless. I told myself I wouldn't record as much but I found myself recording every song because I couldn't help myself lol. Overall, amazing experience seeing her live for the very first time. Couldn't pass out not seeing her in LA !

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31 minutes ago, The Dream said:

Glad you had fun and shared your experience as well some things they could improve!

I don't why the crowd was silent for DYWCO. I mean this is a song that without knowing it makes you move!

I think it was silent because most didn't know the song and most importantly because the audio was SOOO low, like it sounded as if someone pressed "play" on the speaker :(

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I was wondering how it is with the music and you confirmed what I was afraid of :( too bad they have not recorded any live vocals. A performance you witness live should be loud and be something you can't get anywhere else. What you said makes me feel like it is almost as listening to the songs on you headphones and that's it :/ 

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20 minutes ago, Sparks said:

Thanks for sharing! And lmao I just watched the SP clip and noticed how the crowd didn't even scream a bit for Tinashe, I felt bad for her 

BritBrit and Tinashe have kind of similiar tone of voice ...:lookover:

She sort of blend into song so effortlessly ...




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2 hours ago, Jayney said:

Looks like the problem is GLORY to gp doesn't like those songs because are boring as ****.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

That makes it even better, it proves the album is more indie and experimental rather than a typical top 40 pop song. 

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