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Vogue: Britney Spears Turns 35, Continues to Play By Her Own Rules

joe sp

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27 minutes ago, colormefresh said:

They just had to mention the breakdown :sofedup:

They weren't  talking ****. I wish they mentioned coming back with Circus though. Basically saying she did what she wanted to do which was true..

23 minutes ago, falka said:

 Shady :nicki2:

Who wrote it, Gaga stan?


You guys think everything is shade :wtfdidusay:

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Her cover still ***** all over those overphotoshoped covers from Kim k, kunty Perry and idk how many more irrelevant ******* have been on the cover of vogue tho:tiffanynod:


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At 35, Britney Spears Is Finally Embracing a Grown-Up Wardrobe


:orly:  Though she doesn’t always get it right, she should be applauded for making an effort to move beyond the teenybopper image her fans are so attached to. After all, Spears deserves a modern wardrobe that represents who she is now, and as she hits this milestone birthday today, she may finally have one.

This is so condescending :foh: 

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