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[REMAKE] Remember This? Grab Your Wig, Because it Will be Snatched!

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2 years ago I made one of my best editions so far, so today...as it is special day, i made a Remake of this megamix, making a video of her entire videography to celebrate her 35th birthday. :cinderellaney:

This remake is WAY better than the first time, better quiality, better edition, new videos incorporated. :unbelievableney:

This took me several hours tbh, so... i hope you guys like it. :cutesybrit:

If you like it, retweet it and share it with other fans and Britney herself. :saycheese:


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44 minutes ago, TikTikBitch said:

Yes! I love your stuff!

SP fits so well into her catalog (when will MM :gtfo:

and HIAM production wise is so unique :milkney:

Bravo :foh:

I tried to do something with MM but.. there is nothing to do with it.. not even for edits... :ricackle:

Thanks for watching! :BBMAney:

58 minutes ago, Zpark said:

Amazing. but i wish the crawling scene at 2.20 was from Slumber Party not I Love Rock n Roll

Damn, i forgot about that... :meltdown: :BBMAney:

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