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70 Iconic Britney Moments In 2016 To Celebrate The Queen's 35th Birthday

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Happy birthday, Britney!

To celebrate the legendary Miss Britney Spears' birthday (Dec. 2), BreatheHeavy put together a list of 70 life-changing moments from the pop star throughout 2016; 35 to commemorate her past 35 years of heaven on Earth, and 35 more to honor The Holy Spearit's soaring future.

It includes (in random order) performances, interviews, premieres, personalney and everything between.

Much love, Brit!

- xoxo BreatheHeavy

Wish Britney a happy birthday in the comments below!

I know there's a few hours to go, but wanted to share this with you all beforehand :)  <333 

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We should all buy another copy of glory or if u poor at least a copy of slumber party and then post here who does it so we can total up how much $ we spent for the queens bday!!!!! I will gift 2 cds to someone who doesn't have it ... I would be very interested to see how many spots we could raise it just by the bArmy before the show tomorrow 

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This was seriously one of the best years of her career, maybe not in terms of sales or popularity lol but it really was a year full of positive things, we had lots of pictures and interviews, even if they weren't planned smartly, the award shows performances, the amazing album, everything was really good. We could always ask for more, but what we had was really great. And I'm sure for Britney it's been an awesome year as well. Hopefully it only gets better in the next years :mhm:

Happy birthday Britney, never change :mybodyisready:

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