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According to heybritney.com one independent discography purchased the rights of the concert to made a special blue Ray edition. this Will be a offical released but not with RCA 

I hope this Will be true and I want a real HD quality


Edit.- here is the link to purchase



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9 minutes ago, Enoshima Junko said:

Do you know if is real HD or refixed?

they did release a great woody allen collection box with famous songs from his movies that I saw everywhere in stores in here

their website states they are in 5 locations around the globe including miami, and their goal is to put music where you wouldnt think thered be. so here in brazil they sell these unreleaseds on coffee shops, and gas stations on the road lol

its not fake. its real. but it is something very common in our country. their goal is not stupid, people do buy unnoficial stuff when they are on the road and just want to hear that concert or something different.

now if they really did buy the concert from apple, id say no. since they seem very cheap looking from their site, id say they dont have the money to buy stuff from Gaga and Rihanna as well. maybe what they do is they give a portion of the money to the record companies and both sides just shoosh. these concerts that they release are on the internet anyway you know.

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