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"Slumber Party" video in LEGO


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Thanks everybody <3

4 hours ago, Draw The Blinds said:

Why does the Britney Lego look like Hillary Clinton? :zoomzoom:

Cool video though :saycheese:


The lego who represents Britney is Hermione hahahhaha

2 hours ago, Seel said:

Did you make it?? Wow! :omgreallyney: I'm impressed. Why don't you shift the audio pitch? I uploaded my SP video by doing it.

I think they ll put the audio available for use in 1/2 months so there s no problems ^^

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13 minutes ago, PieceofBritney said:


I didn't know! 

Congratulations it's amazing. 

Yes ^^


I have others videos in my channel : Toxic, My Prerogative, Work *****, Pretty Girls, I Wanna Go, Till the World Ends, Stronger and a live for Circus



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