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Turkish pop star HADISE plays Slumber Party on Snapchat


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She's huge in Turkey, she is also a judge on The Voice Turkey and has countless of hits, I'm such a big fan of hers omg

I was watching her Snapchat story and she was playing Slumber Party on her phone while recording traffic or something, idk but I fangirled so hard! Her snap is IAMHADISE you can still see it! She has a huge following so free promo :kisses:

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I was a huge fan of her.Too bad she decided to stay in Turkey and almost left Belgium/The Netherlands, where she used to produce some quality music.She says she is working on an English album since 2011.I am not waiting anymore.:unbelievableney:

But she is really great in her own genre.Urban, R&B, pop etc.:verycool:

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