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Tour/B10 for '17-'18 NEEDS to happen!!!!


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When I started to see B10 chatter on the heels of MM's release I was like... ummm pipe down lol but now that Glory has dropped & we have this kind of month 2 month Britney headlines & promotional ventures I actually think that rolling out B10 & a tour within this next year is pretty much necessary. 


Glory didn't soar how we may have hoped but I don't think it really needed too. Glory was a reintroduction & a great way to get people talking. She is at a point right now where fans & gp are watching for what's next & jumping on that NOW is the best way to ensure another successful album & more importantly a tour! She is also in prestine condition.. This is a period of time that she can really fulfill her full circle moment!!


What NEEDS to happen? 

B10 needs to go for it following the mood that Glory set but they need to ditch the poppy material and go for it full force!!

B10 needs to have a strong solo single & video along with promotional performances to announce a tour! 


There are 2 ways they can brand era 10, it can be the full entrance of a brand new Britney & set the tone for a few more chapters.. I would say this means ditching some of the "days gone by" vibes & fully embracing her newer material! 


They can go the "Farewell Tour" route. (Sad as it sounds).. I kind of feel that this may be a great time for her to really bring it all on, give it everything & say goodbye to touring with a bang! This doesn't have to mean retirement from music all together but I think a retirement from touring & big shows is a good idea! She could always return to Vegas years from now for a special show. 


Whatever they are planning.. the most important thing for Britney is that it needs to be done while she is on this upswing of "freshness" 



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No more mid tempos for B10 lol clearly didn't work for glory even though the fans LOVE it, but it didn't catch the GP eyes. She needs to go back to full on dance tracks(what she is known for). A strong first single and an amazing video with amazing choreo, and then performing it at an award show, that should be a good opening start of the B10 era.

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I don't think they are planning anything spectacular. Look how Glorys srategy is going. It's about messing everything up. Britney is offline I would say. Pictures of dolls, landscapes and smart quotes are fine but they don't do anything profitable for her unfortunately. If any era has to shine, she needs to multitask her media presence - on tv and radios and on her social and online media. Good visuals with promo performances/apperances would gain some attention too. 

Her music is amazing, her look is amazing but everything else is floppy :(

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