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Slumber Party is finally getting spins from iHeart Radio's stations!


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Obviously they'd pick it up. :slayney: The fact that people had meltdowns yesterday about Slumber Party flopping when it's literally BEEN A WEEK is beyond me. :byebitch: Radios don't operate in Stan world or stan culture where everything is expected to be immediate and fast. So I'm glad to see they're adding it now; I just hope some people on here quit their baseless meltdowns because it seems like Slumber Party is being picked up. :queenriri:

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Wow.   We could get more than ten adds today. 

I like the approach here,. Usually her songs come on like gangbusters than die just as quick.   You know she is going to be promoting this single.  I'm just patiently waiting for some announcements.   I'm talking televised performances. 

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