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Rumor: Britney is about to hit the road and start touring again next year!

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4 hours ago, BoyToySoldier said:

Here for B10 in late 2017 / early 2018, with a tour kicking off in mid 2018. Make it happen Larry. :staysalty:

I would also like Britney to have a few months off of Vegas though. :verycool:

This. And a maybe Super Bowl 2018 or 2019. :lostney:

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Just now, BoyToySoldier said:

If she goes on tour, that's probably not going to happen lol.

It's a big promo to do about a new (worl) tour.

But the Vegas' DVD would be a nice promo to B10 plus a tv special too.

The Super Bowl could be nice to promote the B11 in 2020/2021.

It might put her on mainstream next dacade, tbh.

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If she ever does a world tour again I want something totally in a 100% NEW. I don't want a-ny-thing related to her Vegas show, we,ve gotten enough of Vegas for these last 3 years. :donewithit:

Let's rest in peace BJ and Glory as good albums that kept us motivated for Britney's music throughout this long wait of 4 or 5 years. :nyschool:

I'd like everything NEW, new album, new tour and a new Britney which clearly isn't the same from 2013, it's even Better :brit:

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I don't think they would re-release Glory per say but I totally think that if they truly are gearing up for a Tour than they are probably looking at doing a commerative collection with new songs, quite possibly with Glory being a part of it ! 

I love the idea of new music and a tour! 

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I'm here for a tour, I hope B10 doesn't get rushed for any reason because Glory is phenomenal, musically when Britney does it herself it's flawless and I think she knows that now more than ever and will not accept it any other way which is great. I love the options vegas gives Britney personally but professionally I know she's bored because that's how Britney is and has always been, always creatively changing. I'm excited for B10 and the possibility of a tour but maybe just a little more than that even I want that book she promised

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World Tour = Brand New Album


at this point, she wouldn't tour for ''Glory'' 2 years after the release, and she wouldn't re-release Glory also, so if all the pieces fit together, we have a brand new album and tour coming, and i hope so, yet, i want more from Glory, cause it's going to be awhile until there, and Glory is a great album, so it deserves more songs out there

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19 hours ago, AlienateNey said:

You do realize that Britney gets bored easily right? Of course she would say she loves Vegas, she cant say things like "i'm sick of Vegas, doing the same thing all over again", that would draw in zero audience for her next shows.

Lol, as if her management is concerned with her boredom. The bottom line is continuing the flow of money. She's never said "I am obsessed with tour and I can't wait to get out there and do it again! I miss all of my international fans!" 

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They din't say WHEN in 2017 POM is ending, so it could be after May


Also, I already designed a world tour set list that mixes POM with Glory:

Act One

Intro: Invitation

Work *****


Love Me Down

Piece of Me


Act Two

Intro: If I'm Dancing

Me Against The Music

I Love Rock & Roll

What You Need

Just Like Me


Act Three

Intro: Everytime


...Baby, One More Time / Oops!... I Did It Again

Man on the Moon


Act Four

Intro: Greatest Hits (Clumsy)

Scream & Shout / Boys

Do You Wanna Come Over

Hold It Against Me


Act Five

Intro: Courpure Electriwur

Gimme More

I'm A Slave 4 U

Slumber Party

Make Me


Act Six

Intro: S&M


I Wanna Go

Just Luv Me


Act Seven

Intro: Tom's Diner


(You Drive Me) Crazy / Stronger

Till The World Ends

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