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Rumor: Britney is about to hit the road and start touring again next year!

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25 minutes ago, Brispea said:

Lol, Britney has zero desire to tour. If they're taking "the show" on the road, then it'd likely be a total revamp of POM as hundreds of thousands have already seen the show. 

You do realize that Britney gets bored easily right? Of course she would say she loves Vegas, she cant say things like "i'm sick of Vegas, doing the same thing all over again", that would draw in zero audience for her next shows.

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she will promote Slumber Party until January

she will shoot Just Luv Me video in March/April and announce it as a single in April/May before the start of the last POM leg (if it's a hit they will launch one last single by August/September - either Liar or LMD)

then she will take a small break untill November/December and release the first single of her next album

B10 will be released by the spring of 2018

she will announce B10 Tour in 2018

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