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MuuMuse: "Slumber Party--A Comprehensive Video Analysis"


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13 minutes ago, bbmm said:

thats high-key shady as ****. smh. not even gonna read it. :queenflopga2:

It appeared to have been written by a really big stan, I definitely didn't interpret it as shady in the slightest. 

But sorry if it gave wrong impression!


ETA: This is the conclusion of the article: 

"In spite of everything — #MakeMeOriginalGate, specifically — “Slumber Party” is one of Britney’s best videos in years: the visuals are gorgeous, the Vegasney dancing is fierce, the mood is artsy-fartsy, left lane and vibe-y. It’s the sensual and seductive, Eyes Wide Shut-meets-“Sweet Dreams” Circus Tour interlude visual this song deserved. (Only Britney would release one of her best and worst music videos in the same year.)

Furthermore, seeing Tinashe paired with Britney is a personal dream within a dream, and the fan-fiction-turned-into-reality is enough to have me seeing confetti, even without any potion. A legend blessing a devoted disciple? It’s a beautiful thing to see.

All hail Britnashe."

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1 minute ago, ChrisTheLoner said:

I guess I take that back since I guess I can't think somethings funny or else I'll get downvoted :woopsie:

I'm genuinely confused! :lostney: It's obviously written by a huge stan who is praising both the MV and Britney like crazy (crazy, oh). I just thought his commentary was super entertaining. 

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