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You know the Tinashe solo verse has a glitch right?


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I wasnt gonna say anything because the video had Britney returning for "make it double tripple" 

so i was like yay they finally realized and changed it for the video


but now i can see team britney being the truly stupid and mess they really are by replacing the itune version on youtube as well...


so i might as well tell you.

right after "triple" you can hear a mouse click.

if you are in production, you will notice it right away, its usually at the end of singing tracks when you record next to your computer at home. IT IS MESSY that the remix person cant hear it and left it there. If you put ur headphones in, its really loud.

its been bugging me all this time but i didn't want to tell anybody,i was so happy that i could just listen to the youtube version without the error... now it's gone too.. as well as the Britney solo version...




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10 minutes ago, itsjosiebitch said:

idk where it is in the song but from the first listen of the remix, i always hear something and it bugs me. i always thought i was hearing a person say something like short like ughh- maybe its the click you are speaking of

I think Britney's version is more in sync with the beats and Tinashe's isn't. That click is part of the song, the voice is wrong. 

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