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Britney's never going to change...


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AND THAT'S NOT A BAD THING!  If it ain't broke don't fix it.  She's in the pocket after all these years.  She's always going to go back to blonde hair, she's never going to not lip-synch and she'll alway sing about love, *** and partying.  And you're just going to have to deal.  Love my cheetos eating, frappe slurping Pop Princess forever!!


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13 minutes ago, ElectriqueBrit said:

she's never going to not lip-synch

:( Why you say that? :kidcries:

14 minutes ago, ElectriqueBrit said:

frappe slurping  Pop Princess forever!!


Is frappe here used to express laziness or does Britney really likes frappe? :umomg: Cause Frappe=Greek=Lazy :giggleney: 

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I wouldn't say she's never going to "Not" lip sync! TBH I've seen enough videos to show that she does have a hot mic when she wants it and sings with her tracks..


other than that!! I do agree.. I'm so proud that Britney doesn't put her fame first!! ESP seeing the kind of status she has!! She legit chooses her life & her kids over the fake emptiness of fame! I love that 

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