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I AM SHOOK. The change in Britney from just a couple of years to now is absolutely MIND BLOWING! You HAVE to see this!!


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I know charts matter and everyone would love more singles and videos from Glory, but for me personally, I am genuinely over the moon with this era. I never IN A MILLION BILLION TRILLION YEARS thought we would see Britney like this again. She is her old self again! 

She went from this:








This is ******* incredible and I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL. 



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I am so happy for her! 

She went through so much **** that no person deserves to go through. It gets you back to a state that you shoud fight to come back to yourself and it's just unfair.

Watching her so alive, motivated and happy with her kids feels so good!

She should continue trusting her insticts and not let others affect her about her life, career, success or anything else!

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tbh i am one of those fans who dont care about charts and numbers, yeah i would like for her to be on top and rule the world again but idc, she is happy, she is delivering and that is all that matters

britney, like madonna, is one of those artists that dont need charts and they can just release music and the world cares even tho it doesnt do great it is still relevant cause they are legends

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:carpoolney: I agree. I won't lie -- sometimes the other threads about charts and the like here can get me down because it's just really surreal to see it finally happening to Britney, but I also realize that's inevitable for most legends -- but overall, she's just been so much happier visibly and it's just so nice compared to the past that I'm just glad she's in a really good place. Her interacting with fans at POM more is what really made me realize just how much happier she is. Go, Britney. :tiffanynod:

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And people still praising how our queen looked back in FF era :idkney:...

I knew something was different the moment when I saw her eyes looking so tired, my poor queen :crying1:
I'm glad she's looking better in every single aspect now. It's such an improvement. You can tell, by the way she speaks, she moves, her confidence is getting back.

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2 hours ago, Egyptioneys said:

It is remarkable. I wonder what changed in her? Being single? Yoga? Dance classes? Her boys growing up? 

Probably doing what she actually wanted to do musically and career wise. She didn't wanna tour after the Circus tour but her team made her do the FF tour hence why she looked pissed the entire showrun. I also think something has happened with the c-ship thats made her a lot happier.

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