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Why do most of exhalers feel the need


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To always bring smt about Britney down?

 I mean, eveyone here is entitled to their own opinions and its just a matter of taste too, but u dont need to bring smt about Britney down only to praise smt u like the most or more.

We supposedly like the same artist. Its not like we are two fandons talking about two different artists.

Like People here often drag FF era bc she was kinda weird and heavy. So they bash the album, singles, videos and call her robot. 

U dont need to like all her phases, albums, singles, videos, performances, etc, I know I dont but why u keep dragging FFney or BJ era for example? Just to make Glory to Look even better? Whats the point? This is the same person, the same artist. We should be more United tbh. 

We dont need to support everything she does, but when an era ends, many began hating Just bc the current is better in their opinion. Or sometimes they began loving the one they used to hate Just to bash the current one more.

There is Good criticism but many times are Just dragging and name calling. 

Like when MM came out and a lot of People started dragging WB. WB will remain her song and its iconic whether u guys like it or not.

For example, im Grateful bc BOMT era existed bc without it we wouldnt have her, but im not so fond of the album at all. I know she put a lot of effort back then, she sold like crazy and was a teen Queen, but yeah, I dont like most of the songs, but If someone say its the album they most like, its fine, its also the same artist and most of the times we can find smt good about that era even If we dont like it. There is no need for me to Go "BOMT sucked, oops era was way more mature and good." And start bashing her looks or old songs.

This can Go on and on. Like bringing her old looks down bc she is fitter now, etc.

Just appreciate What u like most and thats it. U dont need to bring slumber party down If u wished LMD was the Second single instead. Sometimes u Win, sometimes u loose. In the end of the day we root for the same person, we all like the same artist. 

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