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Adam Leber reminds us why we hate him so much

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6 hours ago, Chico101 said:

Blackout is overrated.

BOMT, OIDIA, Circus, FF, ITZ are much better all together albums.

Blackout only gets raves because that's seen as her "rebellious" album.

I love ITZ and FF, but BO is so damn good 


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Honestly I got so confused with this thread... I don't know what's the truth anymore.

But well, I find it funny how fans are still surprised how she never wanted to do FF or BJ lmao. It wasn't what she wanted, and I knew since the first day that she was being fabricated by her label... her essence was mostly gone, cuz Britney always had the right vision on anything she had her hands on. That's why nowaday's I don't even bother to play any of them.(FF is generic either way)

At least i'm happy she's getting more in control of her career after all these years since her breakdown. Everything she ever fighted since the beginning of her career was control, think about it.

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