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Private Show - DigitalArt!


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1 hour ago, Aegean said:

Wow you're very talented :omgreallyney: I loved watching the video, great job 

1 hour ago, Soni said:


53 minutes ago, OverprotectedLukey said:

Good job.

44 minutes ago, alexevah said:

you're a GENIUS :lostney::donewithit:

40 minutes ago, RafaelSpears said:

I think this one is you best so far omg :FOH:

32 minutes ago, Britneybbhmm said:


19 minutes ago, David Rose said:

the first one you made (dream) is still by far the best.

you're very talented, thx for sharing your work.

Thank you guys :bigkiss: :crying4:


31 minutes ago, - Kyle - said:

the bomt remix is hot :werk:


Yes it is! I luv it ;) 

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1 hour ago, RedCarpet said:


Dzięki ;) 

59 minutes ago, PieceofBritney said:

Woah, you never disappoint. nice job,


I'm glad! :bigkiss: 

54 minutes ago, PieceofBritney said:

I gotta say the way you adjust lighting and proportions is unreal. 

Thank you ;) ! I think the biggest part in how I do those things is observation. Just trying to concentrate on realistic look but very artsy fartsy so I experiment with colors, GI, shadows, AO. Also I'm 3D designer and I used 3d programms for so long now so I gather some experience with lighting from there. You can check my 3D arts here:  www.ayu2hamirenders.deviantart.com 

47 minutes ago, Tittywitty said:


Thank you soooo much :bigkiss: 

30 minutes ago, Dynasty said:

yes you are :mybodyisready:

Thank you :crying4:

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