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Britney's expression of sexuality in SP is simply flawless

Finkypop the 3rd

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She goes from being the dominant one in a homosexual encounter (Britney is like the hot dominant **** while Tinashe is the hot submissive *** kitten) and then being the submissive one in a heterosexual encounter, yet the man is the one following her and in pursuit of her and never gets to touch her (the scene where she licks the milk and has her feet in the air staring at him kinda looks like a "I know you want me, you can look but you can't touch" taunt). She basically remains in control throughout the whole clip no matter what scenario she's in. 

Holy **** I haven't been this obsessed with a Britney video in ages (minus maybe Work ***** cuz that video slays) like I literally cannot stop watching it and its a huge hit on the web too I'm literally shaking this clip is such perfection I'm so happy :forkit:

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