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17 hours ago, Lucky's ***** said:

I still feel like someone has the full version.:donewithit:

I know it's complicated as **** to leak things cause' you don't wanna get in trouble and stuff and the hardest thing is that people have to pay for them and as far as we've heard from other users before that stuffs expensive and sometimes they'll give it to you but they won't let you post it.:weirdmeout:

But as fans Brit's leaked material is tresured,because it's so good.:forkit:

The things i'm the most angry about is never getting to hear gems like ''Fed-Ex'',''Crucify Me'' and ''Take Off''.

I want them all so bad and i deffinetly don't want IDV to be dissmised like that.

It will leak if that user ap`pears again or if it's get traded enough for other tracks to stop being relevant.

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So this isn't the full version by any means, but it's a mashup (if you even want to call it that) of Instant Deja Vu and Autumn Goodbye - they surprisingly go fairly well together - even though the transition in between leaves more to be desired. I love Instant Deja Vu so much & Autumn Goodbye - so it's nice having them in one track hahaha :liberatedaf: 


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