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Are You Guys Sure Want Just Luv Me for Single 3?

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Just an opinion. But I could see JLM either being a smash or a complete flop. IF Brit could pull off a video like Nelly Furtado "Say It Right" with a winter vibe and a stunning, heartbreaking visual then I think it could resonate with a lot of viewers coming off of the potential slumber party wave. The song is deep in comparison to most of Brit's recent singles. I think a lot of the GP could get into a lyrical deep B song with the right visual. But if team B wants a ****** video for JLM, then they should go with LMD or DYWCO instead. JLM gives me a sense of someone trying to save their relationship. Perfect for the winter blues. 

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2 minutes ago, Body ache said:

The verses are too slow. People will change the radio station before it gets to the chorus. If Britney wants to release a flop I'd rather she release MOTM. At least that way she can gain notoriety.

Change your mind is a hit 

go to Spotify 


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Can you guys stfu about Just Luv Me?

Radio station tastemaker prefers this song to Love Me Down. Love Me Down is catchy, but it didn't test well among General public.

Even Liar got better results. Just Luv Me got the best review among GP and radio stations like it.

It's not about you Britards. It's about Radio's preference.

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5 minutes ago, Gloryney said:

God no. It should be Love Me Down. It'd just make the most sense. 

I really love love me down but I think is this kind of music that just Enjoy the fans ... like overprotected , I think is sooo good but is too britney for the idiots gp!:giggleney: and when I said too britney I mean flawless :FOH: 

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