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5 million views!!!!!

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1 hour ago, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

Britney has the best videography in the world. Her recent videos (perfume, pg, make me) are awful but she still have tons of fantastic videos. I hope she becomes a visual artist again and I have faith cause the original Make Me would have been amazing too.

Sis how could you PG slayed people went up for the video  

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2 hours ago, Someone Who Knows said:

I hope it is a hit! She needs to have a hit again tbh, she deserves it!

I really wish they had released it to radio yesterday instead of waiting till Monday. Also I don't understand why RCA hasn't made it it's own single with it's own cover instead of making it part of Glory and having to buy the album track.......I think that's part of the sales problem! RCA is so ******* stupid she really needs to get out of there! 

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1 hour ago, Gambler said:

Not with that ugly video and Slayber Party being create :byebitch:

It will, babe, because it's Shakira. The video is horrible, let's be real, it's her Pretty Girls meets Make Me (or even worse) but do you know what's the difference between Shakira and Britney?

Shakira has the gp's respect. She's never had a FF era in terms of performances, and let's not mention BJ and POM which ruined people's respect for Britney as a performer (and that's bad because that's the main thing she was ever respected for). Shakira sings live, Shakira dances her *** off, Shakira has the entire world but the USA and some oher countries. 

The difference between SP and Chantaje? SP may or may not be a hit while Chantaje will FOR SURE be a MASSIVE hit. Bookmark me. 

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