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WB vs SP MV edition

Work work or slumber partayyyyy  

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8 minutes ago, BritneyFbTb said:

both are the best shes released this decade which one is your fav? 

I can't choose. they're both amazing :verycool:

Work ***** has great looks and a very good set where they shot the video. The song is iconic and empowering 

SP has amazing dancing and she's serving more of the attitude that work ***** needed

Both vids are fab! :brityes:

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That was a tough one. I watched them both again. 

While I like both for their stunning visuals, Work ***** features too much BDSM sometimes, but the choreography shines through and is far more complicated and iconic than the hand tapping of Slumber Party.

I am not a fan of the Slumber Party song although it has grown on me thanks to the MV. I prefer Work *****, despite some of the redundant lyrics. 

Overall, Work ***** feels more like a Britney video. Slumber Party fails to deliver in the dance sections, which is still one of the biggest areas of weakness for Britney post-comeback. Work ***** hinted at possible slayage to come. I'm actually disappointed that the dancing got watered down since then.  To me, Britney is still an entertainer/dancer. She still needs to get her dancing back up to snuff. 

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