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Is it just me or Tinashe

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Just now, PieceofBritney said:

looks dull and talentless next to Britney...just my opinion don't need to go all crazy on me!

It's your opinion and it's absolutely respected.... Any other female popstar looks talentless next to Britney anyway.

But she is the only new popstar that deserves a Britney collab so I'm fine with her

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8 minutes ago, fucknfurter said:

But.... She's next to Britney... Of course Britney was going to steal the entire spotlight, your eyes are just naturally pulled to Britney..... I wouldn't say "talentless", though. :rude2me:

useless a better word? 

jk guys I'm just happy no one can overshadow our queen.

7 minutes ago, ALLEYESONUS! said:

I think she's great tbh 

I think some people here got my point. I don't have anything against her now, she is partially responsible for this and I like her for that.

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She is a fan, she learned from Britney, Britney is a talent, Tinashe is a girl with talent, Idk if that makes any sense, like if to be complete u had to walk a thousand miles she has walked them and its on the second go around plus add the natural charm is boom, tinashe is a beautiful hardworking creative girl at the start of her career, two different leagues yet both working great on the same flow so theres that and it was awesome lol but i see ur point lol

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