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Y'all better promote the **** OUT OF SLUMBER PARTY!!

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1 minute ago, ChrisTheLoner said:

Yeah the remix is coming out tonight and the actual video is coming out on Friday :carpoolney:

OMFG IM SCALPED!@@! thanks bud

I'm so excited!!! I had no idea,tbh. :selenerz:

I hope that it slays my life (im sure it will). I wonder if this place will have a meltdown like always(who am i kidding? ofc they will :gloss:)

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Let's be real... while I WILL support the **** out of the new single until I'm having to take a sick leave from work, most of exhale will drop it if it doesn't hit number one on iTunes, debut within top 10 on BB or have a MINDBLOWING MV. So .. ya. Let's do our best positive members!

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