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OMG My primeney is ALIVE


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1 hour ago, King Kylie said:

in her prime you would not see her make dorky faces on stage... she was fierce dont be delusional :giggleney:

um yeah she did

even in her videos like do somethin and her video outtakes are full of dorky faces





its understandable now that she is older she does it much more often cause she is not that girl we see on stage, its all an act on her and she sometimes feels uncomfortable, she has said it herself, plus we all know how humble she is, i get sometimes it breaks the mood of a performance but that's real britney we see there 

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1 hour ago, Don't Keep Me Waiting said:

Dorky faces? You realize she's done that her entire career. But you must be a new fan, so welcome.

If you're bored with the show, I guess you don't realize that no pop star changes their show while they're on tour. Vegas is Britney's version of a tour. The Circus, Onyx, DWAD tours, same show every night. I doubt you were bored then.

This analogy is dumb because tours don't last this long and you can tell that even she's bored with it on some nights.

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