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OMG My primeney is ALIVE


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4 minutes ago, King Kylie said:

Where did her ability to completely command the stage  go though tbh because now it looks like she feels embarrassed half the time and making geeky faces isn't wowing me :idkney:


I know that's been the case in a lot of performances from the POM show and it really annoys me when she does that especially during songs like Breathe on Me or Gimme More, but that's not the case of this video. This video slays lives :NYsassy:

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1 hour ago, Mayenaise said:

as much is she is slaying i cant help but roll my eyes with POM im so ******* bored. 

Kudos for her for keeping up her energy but that show is so tired rn :idkney:


Yeah she has improved a lot and the show really helped her coming out of her shell but she should already quit that and do something completely new and different (world tour for example) :NYsassy:

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I think she knows her choreo is messy as **** making all those faces  :byebitch: If she had a REAL choreographer, unlike the one she has now, she would look fierce as ****. Those gaps it has during the song where she just stands there just shows that the choreography needs to improve BIG time.

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